Absolute Kit Encoders

The InTrack-ENKIT57 absolute rotary kit encoders with SSI or BiSS interface and inductive resonant target sensor technology achieve a resolution of 19 bits for single turns and have a multiturn counter with up to 16 bits. A generous through-hole size of 57 mm is available for applications requiring more space. The inputs for Zero Setting and Counting Direction are available with the 8-wire cable connection.
Rotor PCB on the top of a stator PCB in the absolute kit encoder
High precision. There is no need for demanding micron level alignments and tight mechanical tolerances.
Ensures reliable position feedback in the presence of strong magnetic fields and in the event of internal condensation. Temperature range from -40°C to +90°C. The mounting height of this sensor is 12 mm, so it can be used in confined environments. The 16-bit accuracy is immediately available out of the box without having to rotate the shaft to update the calibration parameters.

Technical data


Voltage supply

4.75…30 VDC

Reverse polarity protection

Yes, including any wiring faults

Short-circuit proof


Consumption w/o load

≤90 mA (5 VDC)

Power consumption

typ. 0.5 W


SSI 32 bit (multiturn)
SSI 24, 25, or 26 bit (singleturn)
UART 921,600/8-N-1


Multiturn (with Power off brake)

Steps per revolution

19 bit (2.5″)

Number of revolutions

11 bit (SSI)
16 bit (BISS)

Absolute accuracy

±0.005 ° (20″)

Repeat accuracy

±0.0014 ° (5″)

Sensing method

Inductive, resonant target

Input signals

SSI/BISS clock
Zero setting input
Counting direction

Output stage


Output signals


Clock frequency

2 MHz (SSI)
10 MHz (BISS)

SSI configuration

Parity bit
Error bit
Output code: Gray or Binary

SSI Multipath transmission


Internal cycle time

20 µs

Fixed latency

40 µs, synced to SSI/BISS requests

Group delay

50 µs

Cyclical scanning

up to 20kHz

Interference immunity

EN 61000-6-2



smallest part Ø 103 mm
largest part Ø 137 mm

Installation height

12 mm

Shaft type

up to 57 mm hollow shaft

Working temperature

-40 °C … +90 °C

Max. rotational speed

12,000 rpm


8-pin connector